Social Policy

Social Policy of NG Metal Ukraine
All the processes that take place in the company should be safe and not to pose threat to life and health of our employees.

Social Policy of NG Metal Ukraine

As one of the industry’s leading companies, we try to provide our employees with the best and deserving labor conditions, correspond to the international quality standards and be a safe company for population and society. The corporate social policy is aimed at arrangement of the best conditions for every employee and minimization of harmful effect on the environment.

The company management directly controls creation of safe and not harmful working conditions in accordance to international conventions, requirements, regulations and standards of organization of production processes/company activity. We regularly perform events for health and labor protection within the company.

The social policy of the company is aimed at increase of the status of working in the company due to increase of the level of welfare and social protection of employees. The Company supports polite and correct relations between the colleagues, atmosphere of cooperation, mutual understanding and resilience, experience and information exchange, efficient teamwork for achievement of the best result.

Social activity

The companies productive capacities allow, but for fulfillment of orders, being socially active in the region’s social life. The company managed to implement a range of short-term projects and take part in annual events within several years in a row. Every project allows using the corporation potential both inside the company, and for the benefit of society as a whole.

Implemented projects:

  • Participation in funding of Kulykiv – Mervychi road repairs.
  • Arrangement of Annual Presents for Winter Holidays of Children in Kindergartens, Boarding Schools and Needy Families.
  • NG Metal Company Tours for Schoolchildren of 7-11th School Years
  • My School Desk Project
  • Funding NG Metal Ukraine Football Team.
Social activity
Cooperation with partners

Cooperation with partners

In our cooperation with partners we are directed at building long-term cooperation that will be based on mutual trust and fairness, impartiality and responsibility, respect to all parties.

We aim at cooperating with organizations that share our values in business conduction – support of immaculate reputation, adherence to legislative requirements, regulation of activity subject to the corporate and business ethics.

One of priorities in making business for us is adherence to provisions of all contracts, treaties, agreements and other regulatory labor documents that control our activity and cooperation with partners.