Metal Coating

Industrial coating in NG Metal company is performed by means of powder coating. Ecologically clean wasteless technology allows getting decorative and decorative-protective polymer coatings on the modern coating equipment.

After cleaning, product surface acquires peculiarities that cannot be reached with use of conventional technologies:

  • atmospheric durability and resistance to ultraviolet rays activity;
  • chemical resistance to solutions of multiple acids, alkalies, oil products and some organic solvents;
  • high strength, impact value, elasticity;
  • opportunity to make coating of 150 µm with one application,
  • wide range of colors (RAL pallet) and special effects that unite protective and decorative features for making all textures, color shades, surfaces with different levels of gloss and texture impression.


To assure maximum coating quality we use up-to-date equipment of world leader in powder coating, company Gema Switzerland GmbH that allows making coating of product with the following dimensions:

  • length ≤ 3 m
  • height ≤ 1.5 m

We obtain the best coating result after making preliminary technological surface working. In a company you may choose the necessary process that will allow maximum products preparation to coating:


  • Cleaning with blast machineapplied for parts, made of steel with thickness above 2 mm
  • deolingis performed by cleaning of metal surface from grease and oil with special solutions
  • phosphate treatmentpreliminary chemical treatment of part that ensures increase of paint adhesion and corrosion resistance
  • polymer zinc platinganti-corrosion protection, having undergone which the coated part endures more than 1000 hours of salt mist,
  • washing and drying parts before coating.

Moreover, after coating the company employees can perform assembly and packing or ready products upon request

Qualification and experience of our employees and use of powerful equipment allow performing coating of products for 1 to 5 days since the moment of delivery.


Frequently Asked Questions

In which way the cost of powder coating is calculated?
To calculate the cost of powder coating we should know material, dimensions, weight of part, RAL color and number of parts per order.
What is the time period for powder coating?
The time for fulfillment of powder coating order makes from five to ten working days.
How to choose colors for powder coating?
For powder coating the international RAL color system is used