Robotized welding

NG Metal uses up-to-date robotized equipment for welding works that allows mechanizing and automating welding of complex constructions of metal.

Welding with robot is an alternative way to make immovable joints in hardly accessible places of metal construction.

Specific robotized machine performs automatic welding in the environment of inert and active gases (MIG/MAG) of construction steels, stainless steels and alloys on aluminum base.

For automatic metal welding NG Metal uses the machine, equipped with two manipulators with tables’ of 3000 mm х1000 mm. Tables surface moves simultaneously with manipulator arm that monitors correct material positioning during the welding process.

Qualified employees of our company will provide you a comprehensive consultation regarding the best ways of welding subject to your requirements, necessary features of ready product and qualities of initial material.

Use of robotized machine in welding production ensures:


  • maximum efficiency without quality decrease,
  • high performance velocity and process stability,
  • opportunity to easily perform joints of complex form,
  • stability of technological parameters and process repetition,
  • lack of human factor as technical specialist does not take immediate part in the process,
  • 24/7 working capabilities.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of welding works does your company perform?
The company performs welding works with semi-automatic manual and robotized arc welding, argon arc and contact welding, both with fusible continuous electrode in inert or active gas environment, and non-fusible electrode in inert gas environment.
Welding of which types of steel or alloys can you perform?
Company performs welding of carbon and alloy steels (“black” constructional, stainless and aluminum steels). Depending on the steel grade, the technological process of welding for certain or indicated type of it is matched.